Flornet EEIG established in Czech Republic

At April, Friday 17th, 2009 FLORNET EEIG was established in Melnik (Czech Republic) during an assembly attended by the representatives of 13 schools and organizations from all over Europe.

The establishment of the EEIG (European Economic Interest Grouping) was decided in a previous meeting by the partners of the Flornet transnational network, composed by a group of florist’s schools and organizations that for years now have been cooperating in the field of promoting exchanges of teachers and students and improving the existing levels of Vocational Educational Training in floristry.

Main aims of the new association are, among others, to increase education and training in floristry all over Europe, supporting harmonization of training systems, to improve knowledge circulation within the branch of floristry, to strengthen the relation education – industry in floristry, and to increase the social status of the branch all over Europe. To reach this goals, FLORNET EEIG will cooperate with institutions or entities, like branch organizations or stakeholders at different level: in this sense, a project has already been submitted, in cooperation with Florint (the International Florist Organisation) and other partners.

Founding members of Flornet EEIG are form Austria (Langenlois Bildungszentrum Gartenbau), France (Chambre Syndicale des Fleuristes d´Île de France / École des Fleuristes de Paris), Germany (Staatliche Fachschule für Blumenkunst Weihenstephan), Hungary (Magyar Gyula Kertészeti Szakközépiskola és Szakiskola), Italy (Ucflor - Unione cooperativa floricoltori della Riviera and European Athenaeum of Floral Art), The Netherlands (AOC de Groene Welle), Norway (Blomsterdekoratørfagets opplaeringskontor – BLOK) and Sweden (Hagagymnasiet Florist), but shortly after the meeting more schools applied for a membership, from Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, Finland, France, Slovakia, Sweden, Croatia, Estonia and Luxemburg.

During the meeting it was also decided that the head office of the organization will be at Zwolle, in the Netherlands: also, a board was appointed, whose President is Mr. Harrie Meijer (The Netherlands), with Mrs. Marianne Wieler (Germany), Mrs. Cecilia Hast (Sweden), Mrs. Anne-Stine Solberg (Norway) and Mr. Enrico Sparago (Italy) as members.

For info about Flornet www.flornet.eu or Meijer@groenewelle.nl